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Since 2001 we have been dedicated to providing individuals, Corporations,
Governmental Departments, and organizations the skills and materials that
collapse of a friend or co-worker or a catastrophic event such as an earthquake,
hurricane or terrorist attack, learning what can keep you "frosty" cool just may
save a life, maybe even someone you love.

Our knowledgeable consultants continue that
commitment today by implementing solutions
to prepare for and recover from disasters and

Our food and water products have a five-year
shelf life and are U.S. Coast Guard approved.
In addition we stock a complete line of disaster related supplies such as;
Sanitation, First Aid, Shelter, Communication, Lighting, Search & Rescue, Triage,
Water, and more. We offer disaster preparedness kits that range from 1 to 1000
persons. We will custom design any kit to fit your customer’s needs. This can
include custom silkscreen on many of the kits.
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